Of all the photographs I have seen of the Fort Garry Gate, this is the first time I have ever seen it attached to a fence. It had been a stone wall, but was replaced with wood to save costs.
The building inside looks like the same Government House (below) before the extra storey was added doesn't it?
Another photo of the Upper Fort Garry, showing the old Hudson Bay stores.
Here is a pretty rare photo of the interior of Upper Fort Garry.
And another of the interior.  Is that a cannon off to the right?
Government House at 100 Main Street was built as a two storey structure in 1850's, then later enlarged to this.  So was 100 Main Street actually inside Upper Fort Garry originally?
Muddy Main Street, looking North from Portage Avenue.
You are now standing on Main Street and looking West along Market Street, which was busy even in 1871.
Here we have the paddle steamer Cheyenne, and you can see the Captain putting out the gang plank.  (Did they call them gang planks, or was that only on pirate ships?)  Did those funnels fit under that bridge, or did it maybe swing away?