This is above the Corner Shop, and is where the Background Artists wait to walk onto the cobbles.
Found on the table in Eileen's house.  Oh dear. :-(
The Tony Warren Building
Except when I stand in front of it, then it is the Christine Warren building! :-)
Appointment book in the Salon.  Note Stuart Blackburn is coming in for a massage!
The Salon
Massage table in back room of the Salon
Kylie's nail bar in the Salon
Fiz & Tyrone's - No. 9
All four of these are the Corner Shop
The Bistro
All four of these are the Fitness Centre
The Kabin, Stephanie is checking the sell by dates.  No sign of the post office.
Rovers back yard
Smoking shelter
The 'big house' (prison) scenes are filmed up here!
Behind Victoria Court & the Fitness Centre, just to allow more filming background
Hospital scenes are filmed inside here
These four buildings are under the arch next to the Fish & Chip shop.  Where you used to be able to see a street going away, (which was actually a huge mural on a wall), there is now another street running parallel to Coronation Street.  They are not planning to fill them with new characters, and will only be used as backdrop scenery.
While Joanne was taking me round, we watched some filming in Roy's Rolls, met Annie Kirkbride (Deirdre) and Helen Worth (Gail) and also spotted (I will give you character names) Dev, Tyrone, David, Steve, Liz, Roy, Anna and Carla.  I didn't take any photos of the cast though as they were working.

Afterwards we went to the Hub, which is a lovely gathering place for everybody, and the building is designed so all corridors lead to it.  There were lots of Background Artists there, and I got a few more interview promises!

The thing that struck me the most while I was there was the friendliness of everyone, no matter what their job was.  I have heard people say it is like being part of a family, and I could feel that too.  I came away from there feeling that I would kill to work there, making the tea - anything, it just has a working atmosphere that you want to be a part of.