Pleasure Boats - Folkestone
Don't you almost feel as if you are there when you look at this?  You can see the cage of the safety bathing carriage down into the water, people took a dip inside that and had no chance of drowning.

The boats you see here were for hire, and would take you for a little row around.

Ahem!  I just noticed the person in the foreground with back to the camera.  Don't you think they are revealing a little too much for the period?  It looks as if it might be a woman, as that looks very much like stocking tops to me!  I thought it was not done to show an ankle in those days!  Maybe I have it wrong and I am not seeing what I think I am!  Why would she be paddling with her stockings on anyway?  Maybe it is just a child.  What do you think?
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