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197) Fliss 
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Friday, 27 September 2019 13:25

We’ve recently moved onto Cheriton Road and have been told by our local builders that our house used to be Cherrystone Sweet Shop, run by Susan Boxhall. Does anyone remember it? In renovating the place we discovered an old doorway from the porch to the living room that had been boarded up but had old cigarette ads on the glass. Other little clues such as hundreds of very old empty chocolate button packets, too 😆
Would love to hear memories of the place, if anyone has any

ken.white Tuesday, 1 October 2019 12:31
hi. I remember a boxhalls news agent where would get dad a newspaper and cigs . I left cheriton in 1965 so much has changed if I recall there used to be a drug store next door .sorry cant help with chocolate wrappers .we live in Canada now .

Laura Palmer Saturday, 5 October 2019 10:51
I used to go there on my way home from school sometimes, in the early 90s. It was such a funny, old fashioned little shop, with all the old skool jars of sweets along the walls. My friend and I used to obsessively buy NikNaks crisps, and american Jolly Ranchers in the brief period of time they were sold here, but we'd also be all about getting like "50p of sherbert lemons" or Kola Kubes or whatever.
The lady who ran it was an eccentric-seeming old thing, tottering about...she must have been younger than she seemed to us, since I found out she only passed away last year.
Oh and in the room in back, there was a tiny tiny restaurant, like, maybe 3 little tables, where you could get like...basic homecooked stuff like stew, or a roast, or tea. I don't think we ever ate there, but maybe my mother went in for a cup of tea once or something.

Ronnie Day Tuesday, 29 October 2019 09:53
I used to go there often, they were open sunday afternoons, it always seemed a very quiet shop on entry and the owner was a man in mid 50's that had glasses and a moustache and always wore a blue/grey coloured coat with pockets.

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