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192) Christopher Ashdown  Male
1 Water Meadow Close
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Monday, 22 April 2019 08:08

Hi all
Used to live in Radno Park Cresent with family and sister pam , had good friends at number 30 Colin smith and hos sister Pat
I used to investigate the martello towers as a boy especially the one at the top of the warren and also at end of leas, both I guess death traps and borded up but fun for a 14 year old, Remember the warren being fenced off as a large minefield for a long time
Went to St Eansworth school then Hillside school first at dover road then at Park farm rd forms 2a1, 3a1, 4a1 etc
Remember theold ship Deal which just did freight cargo and bearthed in the fishing boat harbour and dried out at low tide, Had a friend Stan Gale who's dad was a fisherman i think owned FE5, most of the fishing boats were converted sailing trawlers with just a wing engine pocking out on one side, then a brand new boat FE20 and a open boat called Gleamer
Now moved to just outside Great Yarmouth, but lost touch with all when i joined the navy in 1962

John Gale Sunday, 12 January 2020 12:42
Hello, I remember Christopher well, although he has got my name wrong John not Stan, he's right about FE 5 "Happy Return did belong to my father Billy Gale, I went to sea in her. As for the Gleaner FE 76 owned by Alfie Waller I started my fishing career in her with Dave(Lergy)Milton as Skipper
John Gale

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