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187) Louis Backer  Male
Chilton, Oxfordshire
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Wednesday, 20 March 2019 16:31

As a child during the 1960's, we used to take 3 weeks holiday every year (escaping the grimness of Seven Sisters Road, Tottenham) and stay in a flat in the "Czech House" in Earls Avenue. Abiding memories were the American-style ice cream bar in the centre of town, the huge amusement park, boating lake, funicular railway and standing in awe within Rowlands rock shop in the steep Old High Stret, watching them make their famous confectionary. I used to enjoy accompanying my father early in the morning to fish for mackerel off the beach or pier and take the catch back for our lunch or supper. Folkestone seemed quite a colourful, vibrant and genteel place then. I daren't go back for fear of disappointment!

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