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175) Ronnie Day  Male
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Saturday, 22 December 2018 08:36

Hello to all, I saw this site some years back and thought it was good for all interested in our old town, history lives on after we die and also proves our existence. I have seen some names I remember here but there are many in my mind still and although I have found some on FB others are still elusive, I will list a few here and see what comes up.

About me, well, I worked in the butchers in Bouverie Road West for a while,the greengrocers in Tontine street,the Chinese also,sometime with Alan Hughes on Miss Folkestone,KING radio with Charley Evans,in his steakhouse too, VC coffee bar was the choice of the day as it was close to the Guildhall pub!

People I remember Alan Barton,Brian Coulson,Andy Pope,Midge Elliot,Katie Deane,Ann Laing,Cristine Looker, Renata Clarke,Pat Rayner?(I), Jesse Parsons(mentioned on this site),Veronica Jones,Sheila White,Denise Holmes,Marion Kennett,Angela Bowden,Sue Bull, Stuart Fairbrass,there were sisters that lived in Holland Ave that worked at the laundry in Hythe,Sylvia Toman,Barbara Woollett and her sister too,Barry? that was often in the Hillside club,Jimmy? that I heard had passed on,Guy?,Colin Musson had a brother too,Mick Saunders, Ann Amor? had a sister too, Dave Poyle?,Brenda Wynn, Mick Freeman,Colin Hart.......enough to go on with I am exhausted let's see what come up from you old Folkestonians.

Ronnie Day Saturday, 22 December 2018 08:45
To add to this I forgot to mention Janet Rye, her sister posted photos here, Lynn Ewart, I hope she is well and remember saying she was joining the WRACS I think it was back in 1975. I also remember the best record shop in Folkestone and maybe Kent Folkestone Gramophone Company, he told me once that they carried 12,000 singles as stock.

Lynne Sunday, 12 May 2019 16:36
Hi, It's Lynne here, Janet's sister. You're right she did join up in 1975 but in the Queen Alexandra Nursing Corps not the WRACS. She's alive and well and living in Wales now. How did you know Janet?

Ronnie Day Tuesday, 29 October 2019 09:58
Just seen this now, i met Janet from a friend of hers Cheryl?, she was my friends girlfriend who lived in Hythe. Be nice to have contact with her if its ok.

Ronnie Day Saturday, 30 November 2019 10:06
Obviously it wasn't. Good I am allowed more than one error in my life.

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