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13) David Richardson  Male
Victoria, B.C., Canada
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 23:27

From a 1916 newspaper (Victoria Colonist)

Our fellow townsman, Capt. F. Richardson, seems to be making a name for himself in the Training Division. After leaving the 47th.Battalion (col. Winsby's) he was transferred to the Training centre at Shorncliffe and soon obtained a brigade staff appointment, where he has been very successful in training men for France at Hythe.

We understand from Major J.C. Harris that Richardson is to be gazetted shortly, as chief musketry officer to the Canadian Field Artillery. Brig. Gen. N.C. Harston stated openly that Richardson was the greatest instructor in the Canadian Service. This is a tribute from so high an official.

Major Harris states that Capt. Richardson has made a new rifle out of the Ross model that eclipses any other arm in use here. He has modeled it after the Enfield and put on a centre feed, which, when fired at Hythe, showed itself to be easily the most rapid firer, and easily fired. We expect to hear that the short Ross with the improvements will be accepted and adopted. The pattern is easily the best balanced that I have come across, and equal in that respect to the springfield.

Christine Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:10
That is really interesting David, was there a photo of Capt. Richardson in the article? I would like to add it to the military page if we can find his photo. I take it you are a relative of his? Perhaps you have one?

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