Battery Terrace
The Bayle, Folkestone
We had an inquiry from a reader, wanting to know where her ancestor had lived, as she had an address of Battery Terrace, Folkestone.  So Paul Seward, Mark Hourahane and myself started digging.  We had a good idea it was near the old Battery on The Bayle, and found a few mentions of different addresses online.  The numbers appeared to run from 1 to as high as 38, so I am wondering if it was on both sides of the street at one time.

Mark went out and took photos of what he believes to be the site of Battery Terrace.  We are not sure if the buildings have been replaced, but they are quite old.  However, I do feel there had to be more, because there is no way you could cram numbers 1 to 38 in there!  If you want to read what was found mentioned online, check out the guestbook below, under Sonia Warren's post.