Alan F. Taylor
Folkestone: Past and Present gives a vivid insight into the dramatic changes that have taken place in the town in the recent past.

The book recalls houses and public buildings, shops, business and pubs that have vanished or been altered almost beyond recognition. It takes the reader on a tour that shows the town during the era of early photography, in the late nineteenth century, and compares it with the familiar Folkestone of the present day. Folkestone was a product of the Victorian age, but many of the characteristic buildings and developments of the period have vanished altogether.

Changes in work and in ways of life have affected every corner of the town, and Alan Taylor's revealing visual survey records these changes and remembers how much has been lost. His book will be fascinating reading for everyone who is interested in Folkestone's history.

In the rare photographs the author has brought together for this volume, the Folkestone of the mid-Victorian period is
remembered. This was the 'superior' resort created by the Earl of Radnor and made possible by the coming of the railway, and the period was perhaps the defining moment in the town's development. Since then the process of change has been continuous and rapid - fishermen's houses were demolished and districts were rebuilt in the 1930s, the harbour and the foreshore were repeatedly redeveloped, and the lower end of the town was grievously damaged by enemy action during World War II.

More recently, in the 1950s and 1960s, hotels and churches have been demolished or put to other uses, and networks of streets have been removed to make space for bypasses, office blocks and  multistorey carparks.

The author has combined a remarkable selection of historic photographs with modern views of the same scenes in order to record the transformation.

His book will add to the knowledge and enjoyment of all those who take an interest in the history of Folkestone and its people.
Alan F. Taylor was born and brought up in Folkestone, and he has lived there for most of his life. After 22 years at sea as a ships' carpenter, he has concentrated on the study of local history and on the history of Folkestone in particular, and he is the author or coauthor of several books on the subject. He is the current chairman and a long-standing member of the Folkestone and District Local History Society.
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