Zeta Baguley
December 20th, 2015
Zeta's Photo Gallery
Hi Zeta, I have been wanting to talk to you for ages, because I see you all the time stitching knickers in the factory!

Ha ha, yes that's right, I am a regular Underworld employee.

Well, thank you for agreeing to sit down with us today, tell me, how did you get started on your career in television?

Twenty two years ago, I was working in modelling, and entered the Miss Manchester beauty contest.

Did you win it?

I won my individual heat, but not the final.  However, it was a great experience, and I mixed with lots of celebrities at that time, so got to know about the film business.  So from there I joined the film agency Nemesis, which was owned by Nigel Martin-Smith, manager of the group 'Take That'.  I was then asked to join CoronationStreet as a street regular.

Just like that?  First job?

Yes - first job!  I couldn't believe my luck.  I grew up with Coronation Street, and used to wonder how people went about getting a job in the background, and here I was, actually doing it!

Oh that was lucky.  So are you still with Nemesis?

No,  since then I have had three agents, but now I'm with the best - Mint Casting.  I've known Mark and Nicola from when I was with Nemesis,  and over the years I've had such a variety  of work, including Hollyoaks, Brookside, Happy Valley, Cutting it, Cold Feet, The Bill, Linda Green, The Syndicate, Scott and Bailey, a Bollywood  film Tezz, last year's Get Santa film and lots of TV adverts.

That certainly is a lot - and a lot of my favourites too.

As we said, you are a regular in the factory, how long ago was that?

That was about twelve years ago.  I was asked directly by casting to move into the factory, and become more regular.  So I went from doing a couple of days a month to more regular, depending of course, whether the storyline is taking place in the factory.  I was more than honoured I can tell you, because there's no nicer place to work.

Do you get to appear in other areas of Coronation Street too?

Yes, I am a resident of Weatherfield, so you might spot me on the Street, in the Rovers, or Roy's Rolls, all over the place.

Has anything funny happened to you while working?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind was before I was at Corrie.  I was invited to a grand opening of a new nightclub in Manchester, and my fiancÚ said he didn't want to come, so I took my mum along.  Anyway, we got in conversation with the famous Radio One DJ, Bruno Brookes, who was seeing Anthea Turner, the television presenter and media personality.  The press took photos of us together, and the next day it was all over the newspapers 'Who is the mystery blonde who left with the famous DJ?'  It was all lies needless to say, but I was in big trouble with my fiancÚ!

I can just imagine!  Are you still with him?

No, that was Paul, my first husband.  I have been married twice.  My second husband, Chris, is the father of my boy Keegan.  Now I am with Jeff, and we hope to get married in the near future.

Oh yes?  Tell me about Jeff.

He's so on my wavelength,  he ticks all my boxes.  I'm so lucky to have found this man.  I first knew him twenty five years ago, I was working in a bar, and he was one of my punters, but he was married at that time.  We bumped into each other again, and there was an instant spark.  He said he felt the same about me back then, but was married; so it's like a love story, and we're both so happy.

I am so glad for you both, I do love a happy ending.  How old is Keegan?

He's thirteen.

Does he plan to follow his mum into show business?

A few years ago, when he was around nine, he did a short film for cancer patients, where he played the son of mother dying from cancer. Then he did a film about Manchester United's Busby Babe's Bobby Charlton.  Then he was asked to go to a casting to play Coronation Street's Simon Barlow.  He obviously didn't get the part, but he did play his friend when he was younger.  He now wants to concentrate on his sport, so he's given it up, but plans to join my agent with me in the future.

It's a shame he didn't get the part of Simon, his colouring would be a lot more believable as the son of Lucy and Peter.  Do you think he could have carried the storyline now Simon has turned so aggressive?

In reflection, I don't think Keegan would have made a good Simon because he's too nice, and also has an angelic looking face.  I think Alex Bain is playing a good part as Simon at the moment.

When he joins you at Mint Casting, it will be quite a family affair won't it?

Oh it is already, I love my job and wouldn't  want to do anything else.  I'm so passionate about it that I've now introduced my mum and sister to it and they are loving it!

That's great!  Have either of them been in Corrie yet?

My mum has. She was recently in Blackpool with Roy and Cathy on the beach. She was sitting on the steps eating chips.

What a fabulous job you guys have!  I would love to visit Blackpool and eat chips - and get paid for it as well - it's amazing!

What do you like to do in your spare time Zeta?

I like to spend time with the ones I love.  Going to the gym, swimming, going out on the motorbike, going on holidays, concerts or dining out with friends.

You certainly seem to be always busy, never a dull moment with you.  Where is your favourite place to go for a holiday?

Definitely America!  I love all of the USA, my favourites are New York, Florida and Las Vegas.

Yes, those certainly sound like your type of place - very busy, noisy and lots to do.

Absolutely! Ha ha.

Zeta is not your typical British name, is there a story behind it?  Where were you born?

I was born in Bury, which is part of Manchester.  I believe my name is in the Greek alphabet, but my mum saw it in a film when she was younger and said "If I ever have a daughter, I will call her Zeta".  My sister is called Tara so we both have unusual names, but our mother is an unusual  person, very eccentric, but I love my name, it gives me individuality and believe me, you need it in this crazy family!   Ha ha.

I love your name too, very unusual.

So let's get back to Corrie.  Were you in the recent live episode?

Yes I was, what a privilege to be asked!  I loved every minute of it.  You might have seen me coming out of the Kebab shop.

Is there anything you haven't done yet that is still on your bucket list?

I have always wanted to do a period drama, but that might be difficult because of my hair colour.  I would also love to do one of the Hollywood movies that gets filmed in the UK, we have a lot here in  Manchester, but most are done in London.  Also, I want to have a go at flying a plane.  I flew a helicopter this year which was fantastic!  There's also still plenty of places in the world I would like to visit too.  Plus I am hoping to get married to Jeff in the next couple of years, somewhere abroad - on a beach.

That's a pretty big bucket, I hope you achieve it all.  You seem to be such a live wire, I am sure you will, and there are always wigs for the period drama!

Thank you so much for sharing your life and thoughts with us Zeta, let's look at your gallery so we can be sure to pick you out wherever you pop up on our screens in the future.

You're welcome Christine, it's been a pleasure.

3D Mascara by Younique
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Christmas on the Corrie Tour.  Even Background Artists have been enjoying the tour of the old studios, and it is a chance to show their family where they used to work.  Here is Zeta with son Keegan in 2014.
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