Sharon Jackson
September 27, 2015
Sharon's Photo Gallery
Hi Sharon, it's so nice to meet you.  Have you always worked in television?

No, when I left school I worked in a hairdressers, when I left there, I think they were as relieved as I was!  :-)    Then I worked as a model for British designer, Jeff Banks, who needed some catwalk models, and I was hired.  This gave me the confidence to move into sales, and I did really well at it, working as a sales rep for nearly fifteen years, involving a lot of travelling.

I was working as a rep for Coca Cola in 1993 when I got a chance to go on television, along with my husband and children.  The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 asked us to be on as Family of the Week. 

Oh do please tell us about that, it sounds like fun.

I just loved it, Chris Evans was the presenter, and 'Take That' were on the show as well, my daughter was totally in love with Mark Owen.  It was nerve wracking meeting Chris and all the guests, but so exciting!  Chris was lovely, as was all the crew, they made us feel so welcome.  We also got to make a video with 'Take That'.

You sent me a newspaper clipping about a Coca Cola taste test, what was that all about?

The Big Breakfast had a  part every day where the family discussed what they did for a job.   The test was a suprise, and as it's live, I was put on the spot.  But I'm sure it was done just for fun, at least I would hope they didn't fix it for me to lose, but I think my boss had a fit! Haha.  They say any publicity is good though, so I think Coca Cola won that, as it made front page news.

I enjoyed everything so much, it got me thinking about working in television.  Nigel Martin Smith, who was 'Take That's manager at the time, also owns Nemesis Casting Agency in Manchester, so I later signed with them to work as an Extra.

Did they find you plenty of work?

Oh yes, loads!  My first job was 'Cold Feet', I played a shopper in Kendalls. Then I did all the dramas,  'Linda Green', 'Cutting It', 'At Home with the Braithwaites', I also did a day on the film '24 Hour Party People' with Steve Coogan.  As well, I played a prison officer, nurses etc. in Hollyoaks - lots of things.  I even had a speaking role in Hollyoaks.

And then Coronation Street?

Yes,  I got the chance of Coronation Street.  I was so excited. It was my mum's favourite programme as well as mine.  Think I've watched every episode, and she got to see me in it before she died in 2000, and I've been lucky enough to go on it lots of times over the years, although I suspect most ended up on the cutting room floor.  That's just the way it is.

So as you are in an agency, you are still doing other things besides Coronation Street I guess?

Yes, I am pretty busy.  I have done commercials, like one for ESPN that I remember vividly, and Emmerdale - I live only ten miles away from the Emmerdale village, but Coronation Street will always be in my heart. The music always reminds me of my mum.  I would have been just as happy to have even been in it once, so consider myself very lucky each time I get called for it.

Has anything funny happened to you while on the Corrie set?

The funniest thing that happened was on my very first day on Corrie. I was very nervous and panicking that I was going to be late.  I got to the gate and saw Kevin Kennedy  who played Curly Watts.  I just ran up to him and said  "Curly,  where are the toilets?"  Haha, just as if I knew him!  He was very nice about it, and we had a chat later as I apologised.  But it really is like you know them, and they all make you feel at home and part of the programme.

Ha ha!  I hope he knew where they were at least!  How long ago was that?

I can't believe  it, but I've been a background artist for nearly twenty years now,  and have met some really nice people.  Some are still there like me.  

Yes, the Background Artists I have met have all been lovely, you seem to have such a good time working on the Street together.

We do, the long days lead to some interesting conversations to say the least.  I love it!

So I expect you miss the old studios, have you been back since leaving Quay Street?

Yes, I was lucky enough to take my mum on the tour back when it was open the first time around, before I worked there, I am so pleased she got to go, so now it holds even more special memories for me, of my mum.

I am so sorry you lost your mum Sharon, but it's good that you have so many great memories to look back on.

Yes, it's Corrie that's the most personal one to me, as it was something that we watched as a family, and will always have a very special place in my heart.

Tell me about your personal life - are you married?

I am, I have been married to Gerard for nearly thirty five years, and have two grown up children, Dominic and Victoria.  No grandchildren yet, but I live in hopes, ha ha!

So you must have been married when you were travelling around as a sales rep weren't you?

I was, and had the children, so couldn't have done it without the help of Gerard and my mum.  Dominic is trying very hard to live in Canada at the moment.  He lived in Vancouver during and after university, but it's hard to get to stay when your visa runs out.  He is going out again to try to get a job, otherwise he will need enough points or a sponsor to be able to stay.

Did you get to visit him when he was over here?

Yes, I have been to Canada twice and loved it!  We might even consider emigrating too if my son gets to live there.  But you know how hard it is to get to stay there permanently.  He's trying everything he can to secure a visa. Hes been twice before on work visas.  Next week he's off to stay with friends in Toronto, but would really like to live in Vancouver.

It is very beautiful in the Vancouver area, but very expensive to live in the city, especially if you are looking to buy a house.   Toronto isn't much cheaper I am afraid.  I am in Winnipeg, which is in the middle of a prairie.  A lot cheaper to live, but we don't have the scenery or the mild climate!  They don't call it Winterpeg for nothing!

What about Victoria, your daughter, is she planning to go abroad too?

No, she and her boyfriend James have just bought a house, so will be staying put for a while.

Do you live in Manchester yourself?

No, I live about ten miles away from the Emmerdale village in Yorkshire, which is located on the Harewood House estate, a beautiful stately home.  I have worked on Emmerdale too from time to time, so it's nice to work so close to home - I still prefer Corrie though.  I spend a lot of my time in Manchester, as both my children went to university there.  My son still lives there too, so between going to see them and Coronation Street,  it's like my second home.

So what do you like to do when you are not working?

When I'm not spending time with my children. I'm busy looking after my chickens, Bella, Bertha and Betty, ha ha. They are so lovely and always happy to see me.  I also have two Border Terrier puppies, so a lot of my time is spent on them.

I can imagine!  We must have pictures of all of them in your gallery please!  Surprised you didn't call one of your chickens Hilda though - but maybe you are too young to remember that Corrie storyline!  Ha ha!

How many eggs do you get from your chickens?  You can't beat fresh eggs!

My chickens are so much fun, and they come running to meet me when I go out to feed them.  They lay every day, so there are always plenty there for everyone.

What about the adorable puppies?  What made you decide to get two?  Are they from the same litter?  Did you, or do you have the mother too?

Sadly our Patterdale Terrier, Charlie died just before Christmas last year.  He was nearly fifteen, and we were all devastated.  By chance as it turned out, I found out that a lady  near us bred Border Terriers and had a litter of five. When I saw them, I wanted them all.  I picked the little brown one, Bobbi,  then the breeder said there was only one other left.  How could I leave him?  So we got both. Bit of a shock when I got home!  Haha.

Oh that's great!  Eccles is a Border Terrier too, maybe yours can be her understudy when they grow up a bit! LOL!!

It's been great chatting with you Sharon, thank you so much for spending time with us.  We will keep our eyes peeled for you on the telly!

It's been lovely talking to a fellow fan of Coronation Street too Christine.  Bye for now.

This lady is a thief!  Ha ha, no not really, but she has played a thief in Coronation Street, and we didn't mind a bit, because her character was instrumental in getting rid of another character we all hated, who remembers Gwen Loveday?   As soon as she told me that, Sharon Jackson became my heroine! :-)
3D Mascara by Younique
The commercial Sharon did for ESPN called 'Born to It' in which she plays the Minging Mum on the left! :-)
Norris couldn't make it to Fiz's trial after John Stape went on the run, so Sharon took his place next to Mary
Now we know Kirk was on Fiz's side, and Mary had her hung drawn & quartered before the trial started, but I wonder whose side Sharon was on?
                                  Date:  2009....Place:  The Flying Horse....Occasion:  Tyrone's Stag Do
Here is Sharon doing her best Bet the barmaid impersonation in her leopard print, serving Dev, Kirk, Jack & Ashley
The Millennium Party
Molly's funeral before it all kicked off and Kevin ended up in the grave on top of Molly's coffin
Looking at Sharon from inside Callum's car.  He was on the phone arranging to have Jason beaten up
If you are wondering what these pics are all about, check the video below
The headlines after Sharon, a Coca Cola rep at the time, picked Pepsi in a taste test!
On the Big Breakfast show with Chris Evans
Here is Gwen Loveday, she has stolen all of Jim McDonald's money and is shopping while waiting for her train.  Sharon has her eye on Gwen's bag.
And there she goes!  Off with the bag.  She is a known criminal though, and is caught at the door.  Police are curious as to why Gwen had so much cash in her purse, so went to the house - and Jim answered the door.  Oops!  She is thrown out with just the clothes she stood up in, and we cheered!
Bending her elbow in the Rovers behind Lloyd and Andrea
Yes, believe it or not, this really is Sharon in Foyle's War
The 10 episode show North Square, in which she played a lawyer
What a great job this is, one day a lawyer, next day a nurse.  This time it's Hollyoaks
Heartbeat, playing one of Lord Ashfordly's dinner guests
Here she is in a camel coat and yellow scarf attending the funeral of Terry Woods, sitting behind the good cop and the very bad cop!
Sharon & Gerard on their first visit to New York.  Don't they look glamorous?
Sharon & Dominic
Dominic & Gerard
Victoria & James
This is what we have all been waiting to see - the chickens and the puppies!  Aren't they adorable?
The little brown puppy is definitely going to grow up to look like Eccles!
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