Heidi Jordan
October 26, 2014
Heidi's Gallery
This time, we are very lucky to meet Heidi Jordan.  So let's see what we can find out about her:

Hello Heidi, thank you very much for sitting down with us today.  Can we go back to the very beginning?  Where were you born?

I was born in Lytham St Annes but that hospital is no longer there. However, my younger sister Kate and I grew up in Blackpool where my parents owned a childrens' nursery. After meeting my husband we decided to move back to Lytham St Annes and have lived there for over 10 years now.

Did you know right from a little girl that you wanted to be in show business?

I think I did.  When I was little, I used to make up shows and go around the neighbours singing to them.  I did all the usual dance classes - tap, ballet and modern, but soon discovered I wasn't meant to be a dancer.  I started drama classes at age fourteen with Whittakers Dance and Drama school in Blackpool.  I was then in my first production which was 'Hans Christian Andersen' at The Grand Theatre. We did a yearly show there.

A friend of my mums used to be an Extra on Coronation St and I used to ask if I could go with her when I was a teenager, but back then you had to have an Equity card.  At age fifteen, I even wrote to Warner Brothers and MGM in America and asked them if I could be in one of their films. Ha ha. They wrote back giving me lots of advice but unfortunately I was not to be the next Angelina Jolie.

At age eighteen, I was an Extra in the film 'Funny Bones' where I met Lee Evans, Jerry Lewis and Oliver Reed. I was also in a country music video which never made it to MTV.

When I was about twenty I had private drama lessons with Mr Ganley at Whittakers, where I passed my LAMDA qualifications  in acting.  We did quite a lot of shows at The Grand Theatre in Blackpool. I played one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella.

Do you do Extra work for shows other than Coronation Street?

Yes, I do Hollyoaks and several other shows, but have to admit Coronation Street is my favourite.   I am really proud to be on the show, as not many people can say they are part of one of the biggest TV shows in the world. The cast and crew are so lovely and we are always looked after when we are there.  I do enjoy Hollyoaks too as we get to play a variety of different roles.

How did you manage to land yourself a job on Coronation Street?

After having my children I decided to go back to Extra work and joined an agency.  When I got my first job on Coronation St. it was like a dream come true.  The first character I met was Steve McDonald and I was starstruck.  One of my favourite people is David Neilson who plays Roy Cropper. He is so lovely.  I eventually applied for my Equity card.  Even though I don't need one to be an Extra, I had wanted one since I was little.  I have now been a regular on Coronation Street for about four years.

How does it work with the agencies?  Do you get a lot of work your way, then periods of dry spells?

My Extra work is fairly regular.  I have a really good agent who keep the work coming in, so there are never any large gaps where I don't get any work.

That's good.  How about speaking roles, have you ever had any of those?

I have had the odd word to say in various programmes, but my only real speaking part was quite a while ago when I was with my previous agency.  It was on 'Crimewatch Roadshow'. It was a reconstruction of a robbery in Caffe Nero where I played the victim.  It was lots of fun.

Do you still have ambitions to be a front of the house actor, or are you just as happy to be in the background?

Like most of the Extras I would love to be an actress but I am under no illusion that one day I will be 'spotted' and become famous.  I do love doing Extra work as I have met lots of interesting and crazy people who have become good friends. You know who you are :) ha ha.

You mentioned your husband, where did you meet?  Is he in the business too?

I met my husband David at junior school.  We sat near each other.  He used to trap my fingers in the drawer on purpose.  We then went to different High Schools and met up again in a nightclub after he got back from University at age twenty two.  I now trap his fingers in the kitchen drawer just to get revenge. :)  He isn't in the same business, he is a Product Manager for Lloyds.

Aww, that's lovely that you were childhood sweethearts, even if his idea of romance was breaking your fingers! LOL!!  You also mentioned you have children?

Yes, Connor is eighteen and Chloe is twelve.

You're joking!  Did you have them while you were at junior school?  You don't look old enough to have children of that age.

I had Connor at age twenty four.  I do look a lot younger than I am which is good.  Coronation Street have been using me as a young mum pushing a pram quite frequently lately, so it's good I can pass for one.

Oh you definitely can!  Do your children have any ambitions to follow your footsteps onto the stage?

Connor was told he was talented at acting in school and Chloe is a really good singer but neither of them want to go into television.  Connor wants to do a maths degree (he gets his brains from me, ha ha) and Chloe loves animals so she wants to be a veterinary assistant.  If it was up to her we would have a house full of animals but a cat and hamster is enough.  Chloe watches me on TV but I sometimes record it and make Connor watch it too, because at age eighteen, he is never at home these days.

Heidi, like so many others I have spoken to, I get the feeling that even though you work at Coronation Street, you are a huge fan of it, just like the rest of us.

Oh yes I am!  Just like many of you, Chloe and I just had to do the tour of the old studios too, I will show you a couple of photos from that day.

That's great Heidi, thank you.  Thank you too for letting us into your life a little bit.  We will watch out for you - pushing a pram or not! :-)

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